Three stone complete unit
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Three stone complete unit Details: The new automatic feeding stone flour machine low speed, low temperature grinding, wheatdoes not destroy nutrients, so the stone flour to maximize the retention of the protein in wheat, gluten, carotene,carbohydrates, calcium,Phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients, especially stone flour carotene and vitamin E is 18 times that of otherflour. Its low abrasive characteristics while maintaining the molecular structure of flour, no need any additives, and on thecooking time, stone flour soup color is yellow, the color of the soup and other flour-containing additive white. stone millflour retained the original of wheat.With stone flour pasta taste a variety of flexible, Mai Xiang rich, higher nutritionalvalue, is the real natural green health food

Stone flour production process: go hybrid screen management - absorbing stone - wash wheat - tempering - peeling - grinding -classification - packing.

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