New sets of stone flour
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The Chinese nation since ancient times stone grinding flour, sesame oil, grind tofu (soy milk) to process stone grinding millet, rice, glutinous rice, corn, nutrition for thousands of years in China.
Stone flour has three main features: First, tendons, plant protein (gluten) unspoiled, Ganmian special ribs, dumplings cook not bad. Is sweet, rich wheat flavor and noodles taste. Third, the nutrient-rich. Low-speed grinding, low temperature processing, nutrients unspoiled, keep intact all the nutrients in the wheat. This is different from the grading flour and brightener flour, three main features.
Praise is insignificant faction stone 10-year history of the stone flour processing, skilled, unique technology, the quality of flour. Trusted by customers.
Second, the process flow diagram
Stone Miscellaneous - skinned - Run wheat - milling - classification or mixed - Packaging - storage
Third, the process
Stone flour processing must be strict three off, in order to produce high quality flour, are presented below:
First off: strict feeding off: a certain selection of high quality wheat grain full, clean, dry and free of impurities, moth-eaten. Wheat face go, the last word is the same age.
The second hurdle: strict Qing Liang Yun Mai Guan: ① to impurities, dry peeling 2-3 times the wheat deal with the clean, spotless. (2) plus moist wheat, in principle, wheat dry add more water, wet wheat less points. Throughout the year plus Hydra wheat, its regularity is generally Summer: 4-6 pounds of water, Run 8-12 hours; Spring: 6-8 pounds of water, Run 12-24 hours; Winter: 8-10 pounds, add water, lip 24-48 hours. Environment more than the room temperature 15 ℃ Run wheat.
Third: strict processing milling: ① The first feeding after the boot is strictly prohibited empty mill boot. The ② selection of the appropriate thickness of Rhodes, to ensure the fineness of the flour, and is generally used in 80-100 mesh. (3) to adjust the flow rate, generally a material now. ④ According to their own master of their own flour yield, and generally mill about 3-5 times. 100 pounds of wheat to grind 80 pounds of flour as well. Master of their own the ⑤ grading, or mixed powder.
Fourth, packaging and inventory
Stored in cool, dry, ventilated environment, stored in hot and humid environment is strictly prohibited.
Six off: to enhance the quality of stone flour

A stone of flour quality standards:
Words: thin, white, tendons, and incense.
Second, the strict six off:
Off: 1, raw material selection of white wheat, seed full, clean, dry, no insects, no mildew.
Peeling off: miscellaneous peeling 2-3 times the peel into the wheat kernel as the standard.
3, the water off: the amount of water throughout the year are different, but bite into bread wheat as a standard.
4, Run Mai Off: Run wheat as fully as possible, usually within 24-48 hours of low winter temperature of not less than 15 ° C, low temperature time.
5, the processing of customs: (1) selection of 80-100 mesh Rhodes finer the, Luo finer surface, this is the last word.
② control traffic, under normal circumstances should flow after small as possible to ground into a large Fupi principle. Fupi Fupi grinding into flour until flour whiteness improve.
③ processing times to 3-5 times as well, flour yield lies in the 70-80% is appropriate.
6, the classification of mixed-off: processed flour can be packaged separately or mixed packaging, grading and mix master of their own.
In short, flour processing technology, need to carefully understand the process, strict six off, the details determine success or failure.

Improve the methods of stone flour production

Method One: the stone speed. Specifically, the motor pulley to increase, can be speeded up, the yield can be greatly improved.
Method 2: on the disc thicker heavier yield can be substantially improved.
Flour status quo: shocking
It is understood that in the flour, the abuse by some unscrupulous traders brighteners, bleaching agents have four main categories:
1, the whitening agent. Benzoyl peroxide, flour mills generally use it as a flour bleaching agent.
2, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate. Paper, printing and dyeing commonly used bleaching agent, who can not eat.
3, sulfur. By fumigation of high temperatures may produce toxic sulfur dioxide, white bread.
4, sulfite. Shall not be used as an industrial bleach flour.

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