Production of imperial faction flour machine, both corn processing equipment, the products sell well in domestic as well as Serbia, Ethiopia, Ghana, race Kirchner and other countries.
  The company has developed a sound system, has a strong independent development and innovation in key technology and integration technology of the relationship between enterprises and products, product development and application of 2D and 3D CAD-aided design to ensure that the products often new.
   Quality awareness, the concept of good faith and the purpose for customer service as a corporate culture to determine the "competition to win by leading technology to meet user" concept of good faith, relying on quality service, the service users, like users would like to meet multi-level user. the diverse needs of the user to create a wealth of good food machine and make unremitting efforts.
  Business philosophy: quality first, customer first.
  The idea of ​​cooperation: mutual trust, reciprocity, collaboration and win-win.
  Strategic objectives: Based in China, the world.
  Competition philosophy: science and technology first, quality first, striving for the top business.